First Post on a New Blog

I have had many blogs over the years, but hopefully this will be my last one that I make.  I will try to keep most of my personal life outside of these entries since that is not my intentions for this blog.  It will be more information on what I have found to deal with situations, such as, I am currently in the process of buying a home and would love to share all the ins and outs that I have found over the process.  I am also a lover of reading and will be posting my thoughts on books that I finish.  I am a constant learner as well and hopefully my views on certain things will interest you as well.

This is a short post I know, but I wanted to post something.  I am going to try and go through old blogs I have posted to and post things that I still find interesting and hopefully you will not mind that either.  I hope you let me know what you wish to see more of and what you do not care to see.  I am a decent kind of person and will take any considerations seriously.

For now, I will bid you adieu.


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