Realism Bending Life Out of Order

I haven’t been feeling very philosophical lately due to me having way too many realistic things going on in my life. My mother was recently visiting me from California and while she was visiting my husband and I found out that he had received his new job and we are now moving back to California. The past few days have been hard with packing, my birthday, my mother in town, and the fact that my mother and husband don’t seem to mesh well for whatever reason. However, with moving and me all of a sudden needing a break from people I have again let my brain adrift and while nothing extraordinary has surfaced the idea of moving and what is considered home has been brought to the forefront.

The old adages goes “Where ever you hang your hat is home” or “Home is where the heart is”. These are two different ways of looking at home; one being from the spiritual sense and the other being from a physical or comfort sense. Which one do you normally call home? Do you call being back in the comfort of loved ones, let that be your family now or the family you grew up with, or even the neighbors that you spent all your time with. Or, is home where you come back to after a hard days work and are able to sit back and relax and while there may be something to do around the house you can look around and smile upon what you have?

With moving across the country I have found that while I am quite the loner my need for people is a lot stronger than I thought it was. I miss my family, even if they do drive me crazy, and I miss my friends. I have never had a place that I have called really my own and when I think of a home it seems to be just where-ever my stuff is and where my husband and my cats are. However, one of the things I catch myself doing all the time is when I am embarrassed or just tired of the day is say “I just wish I were home” but when I think of back with my parents or back at what ever apartment I am living in currently I shudder. Not that there is anything to shudder about, but it isn’t the comfortable place I really want to be. My “home”, as it were, I believe is within my own head and while I have not had the chance to sit back and just let my thoughts drift in quite sometime, that is where I seem to be the most relaxed.


So where is home to you?

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