Live Like You’re Dieing

I was listening to the radio today and the line “Live like you’re dieing” was said and it got me to thinking about what life would be like if people actually lived as if they were not to wake the next morning. There would be two type of people I think. Those who would be all about themselves and want to do everything and anything to just do it and want people to pay attention to them because they were dieing. Then there would be others who would want to spend all their time with friends and be nice to others because what is the point of being rude and pushy if you are going to die and have to answer for it all soon.

Now I am not saying that all the nice people would be religious and all the non-nice people would be non-religious, however that would be one way of looking at it. However, both my husband and I are non-religious and I know both of us while we would be wanting to do everything and anything, we would also not loose sight of the fact that life happens and why not be nice to those that you deal with on a day to day basis. There is always the chance that you will last another day and have to deal with those people again.

Some people believe that customer service has gone down the drain in this new technology age and there is probably some justice in saying so. However, partially why that is is because no one treats those in customer service like human beings. If something doesn’t go perfectly they do not think of the people trying to make it better as human beings but more like broken computers. If we did act as if we were all dieing perhaps we would all be a little nicer and enjoy life a little bit more. Enjoy each other and try to help each other out a little bit more.

Helping others seems to have gone by the wayside through the years and partially I think that is because people think that there will always be a tomorrow and plans must be made. They think they can deal with it later or it will be forgotten in the rush of the every day to day things. However, people’s emotions are delicate, even in this harsh non-responsive world. Compassion is always enjoyed rather than the bitterness of a grumpy, egotistical person.

Just food for thought 

Posted on March 29th, 2010


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