Friday in Chico has awesome music

One of the wonderful things about Chico, California is the fact that on a Friday night there is no lack of live music.  I came to Chico for a particular performance by a professor of mine, but while I awaited this show I sat in Naked Lounge and heard of at least three other performances I could go and see.  There was even a performance in which people were walking around giving away tickets to the first 50 people who were interested.

Live music is a wonderful thing as it brings people together and allows others to perform to a group of people who are friends and people who were introduced to their music in some way shape or fashion.  While I sit here listening to Jeb play a slightly sad piece I watch people slowly trickle in and realize I don’t know half of them and the other half I know know from going to CSU, Chico.  My professor seems to know most of them, but there are some he does not even know.  There isn’t enough chairs in Bustolini’s to accommodate everyone, but people don’t seem to mind standing in the back.

Part of the reason for the big turn out, I know, is the fact that my professor, Geoff, has a new CD coming out and this is his “Release Party”.  He has been planning it for months and we are here to congratulate him and hear some of his new music.

Personally, his music got me through a hard drive I had to do a few years ago when I thought moving from California to Florida would be a good idea.  Needless to say I knew all of his songs by heart by the time I arrived in Florida.

Music in any form can be a powerful thing.  Live music can be even more powerful as the artist tells a story behind a song they have written or becomes emotional while playing.  I personally love live music. If you have a chance go and see… anyone.  It is an experience worth participating in.  And it doesn’t have to be a big band, just someone who enjoys playing, and has a decent voice or can play decently.


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