Social Networking and Writing

One of the great things about the internet is the vast amount of people you can meet without ever stepping outside of your house.  With being on Twitter I have met some extraordinary people and people I probably would never have met otherwise.  Due to this fact the connections I have met with other authors has been fun and rewarding.  I only have recently, as in the last few months, even started writing regularly to this blog and even started up my own Facebook page.  Now, granted, I have more followers on Twitter than on either my blog (though thank you for you who do follow me) or on my Facebook page, but I am sure those things will slowly grow as I, myself, continue to write.

I started this whole adventure by saying yes to Fantasy Faction, which has taken off quickly.  From there I joined up with Examiner and have been writing similar things to what I was writing for Fantasy Faction.  None of this really pays me (though I do get some money from people checking out Examiner), but it is more for the experience and to get my name out there.

My husband has really no idea on how to use any of this for social networking.  He is a computer programer, but does not have a Facebook page, a Twitter, or even had a MySpace when that was the thing to have.  He just does not get in to this nearly as much as I do, but his comment to me when I asked him if he was proud of what I had accomplished in just a few short months was, “I don’t get this social networking thing, but it seems to be working for you, so keep it up” which was a wonderful feeling.

There seems to be many tricks to make sure you are followed by people you want to be followed by and to start gaining a wonderful following, but I more care if they find what I am saying interesting and wish to follow me for that reason.  I don’t want people just to follow me because I am following some large names.  I want people interested in what I am saying and for who I am.

The next step I want to take is actually to start to write again and perhaps post small snippets about what I am writing to have people interested in it before it is even published.  I have seen many people do this for second, third, and seventh books/novels, but rarely do I see someone who is just starting out.  I want to have people follow me from the very beginning of the birth of the idea and see it grow into the book or novel which is put out onto the shelves of a bookstore and made into a file for eReaders.

I hope you who have read this entire post will be some of those who will follow me through that journey and help me along when I stumble.  Follow me on my FB page and on Twitter as well to make sure you are around for everything.  And if you are in the Sacramento (CA) area, check out my posts on the Examiner as well or if you just want to know some great books I have read, check out my posts on Fantasy Faction.


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