(S)mythology book signing in Sacramento and Davis

It is always a pleasure to meet someone who has the same dreams and hopes as you might have. It is especially wonderful to find someone who has been able to accomplish some of those dreams. The author of Sacramento Fantasy Literature Examiner has been given the opportunity for an interview of one such author and while that interview is put together here is a small taste of who this wonderful author is and what he has accomplished.

Jeremy Tarr is a writer who came out with his debut book in January of this year, entitled (S)mythology. Described as “Charming, poignant and absurdly funny, (S)mythology is a contemporary fairy-tale that whisks you on a wild adventure from the streets of London to the far reaches of the globe from haunted islands to African villages, from the peaks of the Alps to the depths of the Underworld.” The style of writing is reminiscent of when stories were told to one another rather than read. Action moves quickly and whisks you away into the story and into the life of one Ms. Sophie. A twenty-one year old who has her life turned on its head when her adoptive father dies suddenly and she had not stepped foot out of the house she had grown up in within the past sixteen years.

Mr. Tarr will be in Sacramento and Davis come July 30, 2011 for book signings. The interview will be posted here about who and what makes Jeremy Tarr, the writer, tick in the very near future. Subscribe to this authors posts to keep up to date on local Fantasy writers and books.

Sacramento Book Signing
Date: July 30, 2011
Time: 4:00p – 5:30p
Where: The Avid Reader at the Tower
1600 Broadway, Sacramento
Telephone: 916-441-4400

Davis Book Signing
Date: July 30, 2011
Time: 7:30p
Where: The Avid Reader
617 Second Street, Davis
Telephone: 530-758-4040


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