Kickstarter – A Polaroid Adventure in Marrakesh, Morocco

Some of you may have seen this before, but the artist has FIVE DAYS left to earn the amount of money she needs to go on her dream trip.  I am pulling for her because she is a friend, yes, but also because she is a FANTASTIC artist and deserves this chance.  Please donate even a dollar and it will help her on her way.

One of the great things about Social Networking is I am able to meet wonderful new people and introduce others to these wonderful people.  I have had the great fortune of knowing a few artists before I even began to write this blog and their skill and beauty has grown through the years and it is wonderful to be a part of that growth.  One of the great things about having a blog like this is I can share with you all the wonderful people I have met through the years and also help them out with projects they may be doing or at least get their information out there.
I have had the good fortune to have known Briana Morrison before I really even got into doing these blogs and I have watched her work grow and become more of who she is through her store “The Dizzy Pixie”.  She recently posted on her store and on her Facebook of an excursion she is wishing to undertake which she needs some help on.
Three of her mentors: Susannah ConwayAmanda Gilligan, and Jen Altman, are a part of a 12 like-minded group who, for a week, will be roaming Marrakesh, Morocco and documenting their experience.  They will have workshops and work with one another to grow their talents and share their gifts with each other in hopes to be able to share the experience and their talents with all of us.
Brianna has already taken it into her own hands to be able to attend this excursion in February 2012 by putting down her $500 deposit.  She is asking me and anyone else to help her on the rest of the expenses.  She has started a Kickstarter project and is asking to raise $5,000 which will cover air fare, the workshops, film, and other material she will use once she comes back from this magnificent journey to put it all together into an exhibit she wishes to share with all, up and down California.
You do not need to break the bank to help her out on her dream, it only takes $1 to donate and if you share this information with others we can get her out to Morocco and help her with her dream.  If you do not have the means to donate, please share this information on your Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Email, etc.  Every little bit of money will help.


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