Backstory – Han “of the Southern Isles”

Han was the thirteenth boy born to the royal family who ruled the small Southern Isles. His mother had been wishing strongly for a girl and when she saw she had another boy she lost all the energy she had left after the birth. Han almost did not survive as his mother did not have the will or energy to nurse him and was forced upon her by her waitstaff and finally had to be nursed by a wet nurse. With mother not recovering from the birth Han was eventually moved into the nursery so he could be looked after by the staff and the rest of the family.

A few years later, when Han was about 5 years old, his mother passed away. Not that he really noticed since he had barely seen her since moving into the nursery, but it hit his twelve brothers very hard. Especially numbers ten, eleven, and twelve, who all blamed him for the death of their mother. They had noticed she never recovered and she was never the same mother as before the birth and they blamed Han for this. So to punish him, they decided to ignore him. They had the childhood wish that if they pretended if he did not exist perhaps their mother would come back to them. Almost as if they took away the bad then the good would come back.

The years of being ignored took their toll on Han. He found solace in reading and he most enjoyed books about war and mind play. Not that he really understood that. He just knew he liked the fact that the characters got their way by whatever means necessary. First, his teacher would read to him and explain the words he did not understand, but later, once he was able to read better, he would write down the words he did not understand as he read and have his teacher teach him those.

When his brothers finally became old enough to realize their childish wish for their mother back was not working they were all beginning to take lessons on how to rule… except for Han. Being the thirteenth there was no reason to teach him. There was very little likelyhood of him ever being in a position of ruling. Even the brothers who were fifth born and past were only taught the bare minimalist, with the hope that they would marry into a family in which they possibly could rule.

Han instead taught himself. He saw the books his brothers were studying and once they were done with them he would sneak them and read them himself. He was hungry for power, if for no other reason to show his family that they underestimated him and that he could rule. He had thought of slowly killing his brother’s off, but could not bring himself to doing it, for all the horrible things they have done to him.

When Han heard about the death of the King and Queen of Arandell he started his research on the heirs. He was surprised to find very little was known, except that it was two sisters, and that years ago the family had locked themselves away from everyone out of the blue. No one had any idea why but there was ton of speculations.

Trade was good between Arandell and the Southern Isles and so he began to pay for information from the merchants who travelled between the two. He finally found out that there was something strange that had happened to the heir and while she was healthy, she was very closeted and shunned everyone, even her own sister. There was rumors that she did not like men or women romantically at all and there was even the possibility that she had a frozen heart when it came to the idea of love at all.

With the likelihood of not getting anywhere with the heir he looked to the youngest of the sisters. There was more information about her as it seemed that while she was locked away, she hated this fact and was very open and personal. She was also very young and naive when it came to the outside world…. PERFECT!


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