Who the writer is…

You may or you may not know me. Because of this I will give you a quick run down on who I am. My name is Chelsea and I hail from the great western state of California. I am in my early 30’s with a husband who is also in his 30’s. We have been married since 2008 and loving almost every minute of it. We had been engaged for a year and a half before getting married and also were dating for five before that. When people ask us how we like married life we look at them and tell them truthfully that it isn’t any different from non-married life for us. It is true that we were living together and pretty much acting married long before he popped the question.

In 2012, we became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, who showed up just over 3 weeks early. He is growing like a weed and I am loving every minute of it. He is definitely the light of my life and his smile is infectious! In 2015, we again were given the gift of a child, this time a little girl who is trying to catch her brother, but is also a little princess.

I have a BA in English and wish to be a writer. The one comment I receive a ton when I tell people I am an English graduate is “oh, you want to be a teacher?” Did I say I received my teaching credentials? No! There are other things to do with an English degree other than teach! I wish to use it to write. I am one of those strange people who loved to read and write the papers for english class. I also have fun writing stories for other people. When I was a kid I used to tell my brother stories from the glowing stickers that we put on our ceiling (I had a fantasy set including dragon, castle, fairies, princess, etc).

I hope you enjoy what I post here, it is a compilation of quick comments on things I think about, to travels that I have gone on, and many more things. Please leave comments as it would help me a lot as a writer to see the type of people reading my blog. If you need to get in contact with me, though, please email me as I do not always see the comments. Hallerwriter at Gmail dot com.

Good Reading!


4 thoughts on “Who the writer is…

  1. Chelsea, i need you to email me your address as you won the Dosha Pops! email me at ccassara (at) aol thx!

  2. Hi Chelsea! Love your blog 🙂 Oh my goodness we were really similar as kids! I used to tell my sister stories at night based on whatever I could latch my eyes on! There was even this very interesting story about the light bulb in our room 🙂 I also had a ‘library of stories’ in my head and my sister could choose which room she wanted, say like the ‘dragon room’ and then choose which dragon she wanted to hear about. (the pink dragon, or the green dragon or the blue dragon) LOL.

    1. That is awesome. My brother had me write the story down but I have no clue where it ended up.
      Thanks for visiting! I am going to be trying to add to it soon. This winter had me sick or moving so haven’t been too good on keeping current.

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