Well, I completely failed at updating this blog, it would seem. November was very productive for me. I was able to complete the National Novel Writing (NaNoWriMo) challenge of 50K words in 30 days; even completed my personal challenge: 50k by the 18th, since I was determined to ring the bell at the Night of Writing Dangerously convention they have each year (this last year was the LAST year so it was either then or never).




Since then, I have not looked at the piece. Not because I think it is bad, but because I feel like I need to rewrite the entire thing due to it being a bit lighter than I thought it was going to be. I believe it is mainly due to the music I had been listening to, which was much more upbeat than I would typically listen to for such writing. Granted, I keep coming up with new characters and stories to add into this story, which is not helping in completing the story.

That is one thing I have noticed through the years, I have written little pieces here and there but most of it seems to be a part of the same world or same storyline without it being said in so many words. I think I may need to take everything, reread it, and lay it out to figure out what the heck I have actually done in the past ten to fifteen years of writing. Yes, it has been that long since this story has started. I have been aiming to get it out this year, but I am unsure that is going to actually happen since it is a bit more complex than I thought it was going to be.

I do not want that to be an excuse though, so I am not going to allow it to be. June has just started and while I am slacking slightly, I really would like to have this be the start to “finishing” this story and then take the plunge into editing and publishing before the year is out. If I can do that then I will be a very happy person come the end of the year.

The fear of being a fraud always freezes me up but I have joined quite a few great writing groups who have all said they have felt the same way, and even after publishing still have that feeling, but I will have to just push through it to get to the dream I have. I am not in anyway hoping for this to pay bills, but I want to get my story out there and feel like it would be a failure for me not to get the story out there for SOMEONE to read.

If you follow me, if you are reading this, send me a message, send some encouragement and some kick in the butt to get it done. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.


Friday Word Count

While I am a few days late on this, I wanted to keep myself accountable. Friday I ended the day with 4,087 words. Which is only 483 words short of being on point for the end of the week. It would have been more but going out to see a friend who was unexpectantly in town threw me off on Friday, but that is alright.

I, however, was unable to catch up during the weekend. It is now day 7 and I should be at 6,398 but have not written since Thursday night. I will add more words tonight and will post again on Monday to keep myself accountable.

School is starting up again tomorrow for my son which means life will get more on a typical schedule once again, which, hopefully, means writing will be on a better schedule as well. Thanks to all who have given me encouraging words to keep me going. I know I am not all that far behind so I am not fretting all that much quite yet.

New Year / Catching Up

Hello and welcome to the year 2018! I am hoping this year this webpage will have a ton more things posted to it for multiple reasons.

  1. I really want to have it up and running like an actual website (I pay for the domain after all)
  2. I am going to be writing a ton more this year

Ya, those are the two main reasons. And while my writing definitely kicked up its pace in November with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) we bought a new house in October and were packing until about a week and a half before Christmas to move. Needless to say, life has been a bit chaotic.

But now with the holidays behind us, 2017 behind us, and my house more or less put together, I can put some time into keeping this blog up and doing more writing.

In that vein, I have decided to try doing 85k90 challenge again this year. I tried doing it last January but just did not have the energy to keep up with it. I wasn’t the healthiest and having two little ones just wore me completely out by the end of the day. I have lost over 20 pounds now and have a ton more energy for myself and my kids. It is day two (actual day three but I have only written two days worth so far) into the challenge and with this challenge you only have to write 912 words a day to keep on track rather than the 1667 words you do for NaNo. My word count is at 2000 solid right now and I will add more to it soon. Along with the challenge, I am also keeping reminded by the emails which come in from 750words where you write at least 750 words each day and they just keep track to how many days in a row you actually are able to do it. You can challenge yourself at the beginning of the month and write out a sort of promise to yourself, ie: If I write for the Month of BLAH then I will treat myself to BLAH. However, if I do not complete the month my punishment is BLAH. I actually challenged myself this past November and while I won NaNo, I did not write every single day so technically I lost my 750words challenge to myself. Though I didn’t punish myself like I said I would, I was too pleased with myself for finally winning NaNo.

Yes, I won NaNo this past November, which means I wrote 50k words in the month of November. I even finished a few days early, it felt marvelous. This was my seventh year doing it, but my first win. It was also the first year I went to Night of Writing Dangerously and I will definitely be going back. That was an amazing evening. I think I will post up more information on both NaNo and Night of Writing Dangerously later as I have come to realize that while I have posted quite a bit about NaNo people did not realize it was an organization nor a non-profit. So when I do that I will post a link to that post so you can go check it out.

I think that is all for now. Keep me honest people! If you do not see me post in a while shoot me a message and bug me.

New Year 2016

A new year has come and I am determined to write more. I have promised myself on my writing Facebook page I will write for 30 minutes, minimum, non-consecutive if necessary, every other day. I really hope I can keep this promise to myself, even if it is just writing here. I slacked all year last year due to being pregnant and then having my daughter. It was reasonable, but it was an excuse. I watch too much TV and have too much going on when it comes to social media. I have hidden Facebook from myself on my phone, sort of, so I do not have to worry about being distracted in that way. I want to use my actual camera more to capture my son and daughter growing up since then I am not on my phone nearly as much. I feel like technology has over taken my life and I do not like that feeling. I miss the days of my high school and before then when there wasn’t this whole thing with social media over whelming everything. I understand that this is the world I live in and I should keep up with it just for the sake of understanding it when the kids get to age, but I do not like the idea of being controlled by it.

I see how my son looks at me when I am on my phone and I am heartbroken to think he feels like he is not good enough to garner my attention more than a phone. I will correct this mistake. I will also help him in getting disconnected from his tablet, our phones, and the television. I have been a bad parent when it comes to this sort of thing, mainly because it is so easy to allow him to just get lost in them. I know how it is since I get lost in them all the time, but it isn’t okay for me to use this excuse for him and it does both the children and an injustice. Technology and electronics are not babysitters nor are they the best learning devices. I know this, but with the lack of sleep I have allowed it to escape me. Within the coming year I am going to strive to do better by my kids when it comes to their learning along with their attention to electronics.

I also wish to make my marriage a more serious thing. We have a good thing, but I feel like things have become stagnant along with a sort of complacency between us. I am not all that surprised since we have been married 7+ years and known each other for 13+ years. When it comes to the day in and day out activity things begin to become routine and especially when the kids start to wear us out things begin to go unsaid. Tonight I noticed he seemed upset and when I asked he said he was just resigned. I know he meant about always cleaning dishes, which unfortunately is just something which has to get done. I will have to see if he has any ideas on how to make it less frustrating, but at the moment I have no ideas on that front. We separated jobs long ago so we could each try and get things done. Perhaps I should take on more of what he does since I am at home all day, but that is hard when I am also trying to keep ahead of the kids as well. Yet, with all of that I know I need to address the situation head on or things will just stay the way they are or become much worse. I do not wish for either of these things to happen. I want to have a spice in our relationship which most people can only dream of having. I also want to show both kids that while being single is fun being in a happy relationship is amazing. Not to say that they have to be in a relationship, but that marriages can be happy and not the ball and chain which people try to make them out to be.

Well, with all of this it means 2016 should be an interesting and loving year, even if it is hard. But, it will be worth it in the end and I hope to end next year with a more positive feel in my life and with happy smiles all around. Happy New Year.

Perils of Writing and Tediousness of Overthinking

750 words, which is a website which reminds you to write at least 750 words a day to keep your flow going, is nothing compared to the 50,000 words I am supposed to write this month for National Novel Writing Month. I love this month but yet have actually completed a single month, but I have not given up hope even if I am already way behind. First day I only was able to write 321 and the second day I was sick. Today is day three and after I am done writing this little tid bit I will be getting on to that exact writing. I am still sick so not quite sure what is going to be going down but that works for me as the beginning of this writing also had not been thought out and I just began to write. I think I do my best writing that way, always have, even when it had to do with writing my essays. I used to worry so much about writing and what I was going to say but I have found just taking a breath and just starting is the best thing for me, at least, to do.

So this story I am writing for National Novel Writing Month has to do, so far, with a young, almost teen, princess who has upset her friend who is also her hand-maiden and currently she is sitting in an alcove in the dark. I do not know if I want to go sinister with this next part or introspective. I guess this next part will tell me exactly what type of story I am actually writing, which is always fun to find out. I really hope I can actually finish this one. I have a few friends who have self-published and it is bugging the crud out of me because I have been doing this for so long and have not even gotten that far. I have so many stories written or at least partially written but none of them are done and none of them are even close to the publishing part. One of these days, it will happen, and when it does I will celebrate and then celebrate again the first time it is bought, and again when I get my first review, negative or positive. Those will be the days. First I have to actually finish.

I met a fellow today who said that he writes short-stories, my guess is because he doesn’t have the attention span to go any longer, which is also my problem and the reason I have never finished. He is paranoid that others will steal his ideas, and while it is a legitimate fear, I think he is letting it get in his way of actually doing what he wishes, which is being published. He also has the same thoughts about the self-publishing world, which is wow there is a lot of crud out there now a day. It is a sad state, but sometimes that is the only way the stories are going to get out there, which is of course too bad, but that is the time we are living in. He was a nice enough guy and I hope I hear from him as I gave him my web address and writing email. He wanted me to look over some pieces he had written and get my honest review on them… oh he has no idea what he has asked for. A few of my professors know my way of being honest (a little too well, sorry) and there are a few friends who have asked for the same who have received back their work marked up so much it was hard to tell what they had written and what was not marked. Though, all of those people were very pleased with my suggestions and when they took them into account were able to make their work into something magnificent.

I think I may have missed my calling with going with just a Bacherlors in English. I think I should have continued with the Creative Writing path and gone into editing, but for now that will have to wait. With a two year old that is just not going to happen currently. I would love to go back to school for a few things, but just cannot for now. I would love to go back for the editing classes, but also for psychology at the very least. Perhaps even go back quickly to get licensed to be a Notary.