Backstory – Han “of the Southern Isles”

Han was the thirteenth boy born to the royal family who ruled the small Southern Isles. His mother had been wishing strongly for a girl and when she saw she had another boy she lost all the energy she had left after the birth. Han almost did not survive as his mother did not have the will or energy to nurse him and was forced upon her by her waitstaff and finally had to be nursed by a wet nurse. With mother not recovering from the birth Han was eventually moved into the nursery so he could be looked after by the staff and the rest of the family.

A few years later, when Han was about 5 years old, his mother passed away. Not that he really noticed since he had barely seen her since moving into the nursery, but it hit his twelve brothers very hard. Especially numbers ten, eleven, and twelve, who all blamed him for the death of their mother. They had noticed she never recovered and she was never the same mother as before the birth and they blamed Han for this. So to punish him, they decided to ignore him. They had the childhood wish that if they pretended if he did not exist perhaps their mother would come back to them. Almost as if they took away the bad then the good would come back.

The years of being ignored took their toll on Han. He found solace in reading and he most enjoyed books about war and mind play. Not that he really understood that. He just knew he liked the fact that the characters got their way by whatever means necessary. First, his teacher would read to him and explain the words he did not understand, but later, once he was able to read better, he would write down the words he did not understand as he read and have his teacher teach him those.

When his brothers finally became old enough to realize their childish wish for their mother back was not working they were all beginning to take lessons on how to rule… except for Han. Being the thirteenth there was no reason to teach him. There was very little likelyhood of him ever being in a position of ruling. Even the brothers who were fifth born and past were only taught the bare minimalist, with the hope that they would marry into a family in which they possibly could rule.

Han instead taught himself. He saw the books his brothers were studying and once they were done with them he would sneak them and read them himself. He was hungry for power, if for no other reason to show his family that they underestimated him and that he could rule. He had thought of slowly killing his brother’s off, but could not bring himself to doing it, for all the horrible things they have done to him.

When Han heard about the death of the King and Queen of Arandell he started his research on the heirs. He was surprised to find very little was known, except that it was two sisters, and that years ago the family had locked themselves away from everyone out of the blue. No one had any idea why but there was ton of speculations.

Trade was good between Arandell and the Southern Isles and so he began to pay for information from the merchants who travelled between the two. He finally found out that there was something strange that had happened to the heir and while she was healthy, she was very closeted and shunned everyone, even her own sister. There was rumors that she did not like men or women romantically at all and there was even the possibility that she had a frozen heart when it came to the idea of love at all.

With the likelihood of not getting anywhere with the heir he looked to the youngest of the sisters. There was more information about her as it seemed that while she was locked away, she hated this fact and was very open and personal. She was also very young and naive when it came to the outside world…. PERFECT!


Alternate Frozen

I have been watching a lot of Frozen lately due to my daughter potty training and a few alternate storylines have gone through my head now, so I hope you enjoy a few posts of alternate ways Frozen could have been written.


Elsa rushes over to Anna. She had not meant to hurt her as she slipped on the ice under her feet and her aim had been thrown off. But now Anna was laying in her lap with pain creased on her face. The fear within her blossomed to ice crystals spreading from her and up the walls of the ballroom, destroying the snowman, Olaf, they had made only a few moments before in pure joy.

“Mama, papa!” she held her sister close and tried to comfort her as much as possible, not even sure if there was any way to comfort her.

Her parents burst through the iced over doors and looking around the room gasped at the amount of ice which had covered the room. They saw their daughters in the middle of the room and their hearts dropped to see their youngest being held by her sister.

“Elsa, what have you done? This has gone too far!” the King angrily said to his eldest as he came to her side.

Elsa’s mother picked up Anna in her arms and before she could scold her husband for acting so harshly to their eldest her heart dropped to feel how cold Anna had become. No human should be that cold!

“She’s ice cold!” the worry in the Queen’s eyes was evident as she looked at her husband.

“I know where we have to go!” the King said. How did he know? It was not something he had ever told his wife nor anyone else in the staff. The only ones who would know would be the old record keepers who kept the history of the royal family.

His family was no stranger to magic. His Aunt had been born with magic and the King himself had to have help from the trolls from a magical accident. There had been stories of her succumbing to her magic due to being bitter to her family who had cast her out. The King was not aware of what had happened, only that she had been told that there was a way of controlling her magic and doing good, but his father had been too afraid and had sent her away to learn, away from the new prince.

To the colony of the Trolls the family raced as quickly as possible. Upon arriving the King wondered if the story had been just that, a story. All he saw were rocks covered in moss around him, but he called out for anyone who was listening all the same.

“Please, we need help. It’s my daughter!” he pleaded to the night air.

The boulders began to roll towards the new comers and as their faces appeared they recognized the King and his family.

The eldest troll walked forward and having already sensed the magic within Elsa took her hands.

“Born with the power or cursed?” he asked the King.

“Uh.. b… Born. Aaa…aa…and it’s getting stronger.”

The troll nodded and then looked over Anna. He nodded, “You are lucky it was not her heart. The heart is not easily swayed, but the head…”

“Do what you must!” the King frightened for his youngest life paid little to no attention to Elsa who was trying to keep her fear in check as the Troll worked on her sister.

“I suggest we remove all magic. But don’t worry, I will leave the fun.” he weaved through Anna’s memories changing the situations which needed to be changed in her memory.

“But she won’t remember that I have powers?” Elsa worried.

“It’s for the best.” The King tried to reassure her.

“Come here, Elsa. Your power will grow. There is beauty in it, but fear will be your enemy! Learn to control it or else it will control you,” the Troll tried to get Elsa to understand, though he knew she was too young to, and tonight had frightened her.

“No, we will protect her. She can learn to control it, I’m sure. Until then, we will reduce the staff. Keep her inside and away from people. Including Anna.”

As the Troll listened to the King’s idea he frowned, “Your majesty, I believe that is the worst thing for Elsa in this situation.”

The King looked startled and was surprised at being contradicted. His anger was beginning to swell which was evident by the red which was raising from under his collar.

“Please understand, your majesty. Locking Elsa away, especially from Anna is going to make her fear her powers and as I have already said, fear will be her enemy. If I am correct you do not have any sorcerrer in your castle at the moment, correct?”

The King still fuming, “No, not currently, I do not trust them, truthfully.” It was true, after the stories of his accident as a child had made him fearful of any magic and when his eldest had begun to show signs of powers he had cowered away from her and had turned most of his attention and love to his youngest while treating his eldest more as a student rather than a daughter.

“My suggestion is to allow her to visit us so she can learn how to control her powers. We are able to sustain most anything which she could possibly dish out to us and we also have the knowledge of how to teach her,” the Troll watched the King who had calmed down while he had been talking, “Also, allow the two to play together still. Tell Anna that Elsa has extra studies due to being the eldest when she had to come to us, but do not seclude the two. Their love for each other will be helpful to Elsa more than our teachings even will be.”

The King looked to his wife who gave a slight nod. She had been scared by his decree of separating the two girls. They loved each other so much and she had no idea what that would do to their psyche.

And with that, a plan was made to for the teaching of Elsa with the Trolls.